Product Review: Stok Pumpkin Cold Brew

Witty Packaging/Marketing!

I first saw the Stok Pumpkin Cold Brew at Target in the very beginning of September. I was drawn to it, but decided to pass on it at that moment (I assumed that I’d enjoy it, as I was already a fan of their other beverages)…That was a bit of a mishap on my part. I found myself experiencing FOMO a few days later, so I attempted to place an In-Store Pick-Up order for it…to my disappointment, I found that it was unavailable/sod out, and would continue to be that way for days…I guess I wasn’t the only one curious about this newcomer to the Cold Brew at home game. I continued to browse my two local Target stores for almost two weeks, as well as monitoring online, and I was able to eventually purchase a bottle. I’m pleased to say that it was worth the wait, and my Basic Bitch tooth was satisfied. Additionally, I’ve continued to purchase 3 times since then, so I think it’s safe to say that this has my stamp of approval. Also, the marketing for the packaging is GENIUS!

Let me start off by stating that if you are looking for an exact copy of the Starbucks Pumpkin syrup flavor, this beverage IS NOT for you. The flavor is significantly less sweet and intense, but still recognizable. Instead, think about the Stok Pumpkin Cold Brew as a more sophisticated version. This product focuses on the coffee and enhances the drinking experience with a pumpkin flavoring & creamer as compared to slurping down a latte that’s overwhelmed by a thick pumpkin syrup. I paid $4.69 for a 48oz bottle in my local (Philly ‘Burbs) Target, and I’m able to make 2-3 of my reusable cups that I posted about in my original How to Brew Cold Brew at Home article. If I want to be fancy, I can add my own whipped cream & cinnamon for a Coffee Bar feel without any screaming children or Karens demanding managers. Are you looking to try this for yourself, or have you already tried it? What did you think? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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