Nordstrom #NSALE 2020 Picks/Recommendations, & Alternatives

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If you’re scratching your head wondering if the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has passed you by, don’t fret. Although a bit delayed, the #NSALE is still happening. Typically occurring from late July into early August, the sale acts a preview of upcoming Fall releases and Nordstrom exclusive sets from various brands, most of which will be available at a substantial discount. While a Nordstrom Credit Card is not required to shop the sale, it does give shoppers early access, depending on one’s tier (determined by the amount of money spent during a qualifying period). Many items are known to sell out quickly (spoiler alert, most of the items listed below are sold out) during Early Access, and may not be re-stocked again throughout the sale. I have run into this annoyance once or twice because I had to wait until my tier was able to shop. I debated posting this article earlier, but I know not everyone has access to a Nordstrom Credit Card, especially during, say it with me, “these uncertain times.” I decided to post this today, the day the sale is accessible to all shoppers. In case you’re curious, these are my personal recommendations, suggestions, and potential purchases for the 2020 NSALE.

  1. This Barefoot Dreams blanket has been all over Social Media as of late. I must admit, I’m highly drawn to the softness factor, and this will be especially useful for couch snuggle sessions during the Winter months. This was my 2nd most wanted item, so I’m pretty bummed it’s sold out, but I can do something else with the $80ish this blanket costs right now.
  2. Although the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm Set is now sold out, this was a lovely little kit at $30. The full size treatment is normally $26 by itself. I quite like this formula and enjoy purchasing it in value kits like these, as it’s a bit pricey on its own. I have tried all the versions in this kit, and love them all. Instead, I would consider this set from Sephora. None of the products are Full Size, but the product types are very similar and still a decent value.
  3. A good pair of leggings is must-have for any wardrobe, and this is especially relevant during Quarantine. I REALLY enjoy the Zella Live In leggings. I first discovered them last year reading someone else’s NSALE sale recommendations and have been hooked ever since. I have 3 pairs; 2 in black, and one in this marble print that was released earlier this winter. Both of the (black) ones I bought last year have pockets on them, which I notice this year’s style does not. I surely hope that the quality and material hasn’t changed with the omission of the pocket. For reference, I’m 5’9, & I own them in a size Large. These leggings have survived a few workouts, HOURS of sweaty walking/running in Walt Disney World, and, of course, the occasional couch lounge. The fabric washes & holds up well, and hasn’t faded too much in the year I’ve owned them. Additionally, I own them in the 7/8 length (I prefer the shorter length), while these are Full Length. If these differences don’t matter to you, I highly recommend them. They’re on sale for $38.90 as compared to $59.
  4. Along the same lines, I also recommend the Spanx leggings. If I were to only recommend one thing out of the entire sale, this would be it. These are normally $98, so this is a pretty spectacular price point a $64. These can run a bit small, so I would suggest going up 1 size. Additionally, the Spanx site is price matching the NSALE for the duration of Public Access, and their site is fully stocked at the moment! P.S. Sign up for emails and receive an additional 10% off!
  5. The Fresh Soy Cleanser is my all time favorite High End cleanser. I don’t purchase a lot of high end cleansers anymore because I don’t love the idea of basically washing all that money right down the drain, but this my absolute favorite when I do feel like splurging for it.
  6. The All Nighter Setting Spray from Urban Decay is my Holy Grail setting spray and I ALWAYS have this on hand. I have combination skin, and this helps extend the life of my makeup through a long & sweaty restaurant shift, a concert, or any blogging event. This particular set includes a jumbo (8 oz) Full Size & 1 oz Travel Size bottle, valued at $81 for only $42. For reference, a normal Full Size bottle is $33 for a 4 oz bottle.
  7. The Makeup Eraser is a cool alternative to makeup remover wipes, and a great way to cut down on waste. All you need is some water, the reusable cloth does the rest. This set comes with a 10 day supply and a pouch to keep them all together when storing or washing. I own the original towel in black, and it’s definitely worth the hype. As an added bonus, it can help reduce trash and money spent on wipes! I wash mine once to twice a week if necessary. Sadly, the 10 day set is currently sold out, so I’ll link the OG one here also.
  8. YSL Travel Size Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick– This a really cute set with a well curated variety of colors; nice way to try the brand.
  9. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Trio– This color is a cult favorite, and all the items are Full Size. As an alternative, Sephora has a mini kit featuring the lipstick & liner for only $25. However, be warned..the Sephora set is very mini in size for both the lipstick and the liner.
  10. I love the leopard print on these ADIDAS sneakers…I’ve never owned this line of sneaker before, and it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to take advantage of the sale price because as of right now, these sneakers are sold out. However, I’m not distraught. As per recommendation by Moriah Robinson, I purchased this very good looking Walmart dupe, as well as the white pair for about $36 for BOTH, which is less than the sale price ($49.50) of 1 pair of the ADIDAS. They’re both comfortable and do well in gentle walks as well as workouts. Also, I won’t feel terrible when the white ones get dirty in 10 minutes, haha.
  11. My Dad is a huge fan of the Versace Eau Fraîche scent, and this a great set for $60, as compared to $90 post sale. It comes with a 3.4 oz Full Size and 1 oz Travel Size, all packaged nicely in a giftable box, perfect for his upcoming birthday in September.
  12. True & Co Bralettes are super comfortable and worth the investment. Target also carries a True & Co line that is more affordable and of similar quality!

There you have it; my picks for the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Feel free to let me know your picks and wishlist items in the comments!

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  1. Love the Spanx leggings and I might even consider getting another pair. I never heard of True & Co brand, thanks to your thorough review, I will look into it

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