How To Brew Cold Brew at Home & Product Review: Primula Pace Cold Brew Pitcher

As the Spring approaches and the weather is getting warmer (although I drink iced beverages all year round), you might find yourself ordering more Iced Coffee or Cold Brew vs hot coffee from your favorite coffee shop. However, have you ever considered making your own Cold Brew? It’s very simple, cost effective, and environmentally friendly, especially when paired with your favorite cold thermos or reusable cup/straw. Additionally, you can purchase various Cold Brew concentrates or liquid pods (they require little to no brew time) to mix with all your fixins’, but this piece specifically focuses on traditional ground coffee. 

For those who might not know, there’s a bit of a difference between Cold Brew and traditional Iced Coffee. Iced Coffee is brewed hot and then chilled, while Cold Brew always remains cold. Water is poured over the grinds and then left to “brew” for a period of time. This provides a smoother, less acidic taste which I personally prefer. 

Now that you’re familiar with Cold Brew and its basic procedure, let me tell you about what I use. I’ve had this pitcher* since April 2019, & I really enjoy it. I paid $15 for it, but it’s currently on sale for $11! It’s unspeakably easy to use. Each piece is removable for easy cleaning or of not necessary at the moment, and it has a nice capacity of 6 cups. The glass is of nice quality, and has been holding up well for the almost 1 year I’ve had it. I like the silicone grip on the bottom that helps the pitcher sit firmly on the counter or in the fridge. The mesh is super fine, and you can use whatever ground coffee you already have at home.

Follow the steps below to get a cup of Cold Brew that’ll make you want it like Jack does:

  1. Making sure your brew basket is snapped firmly into place, scoop desired amount of coffee into the basket. I like to go with 14 scoops (usually 1 Tbsp each). I don’t recall if the pitcher came with a scoop, but I have a few at home. I’ve linked one here* in case you need one, but you can also just use actual tablespoons.
  2. Pour water over the grinds and let drip through the basket until full
  3. Lid & set in fridge for 18-24 hours. 
  4. Remove grinds before drinking, making sure to press through the grinds with a rubber spatula or spoon to extract any remaining liquid from the brew basket
  5. Pour yourself a cup, flavor to your liking, and watch the savings roll in and see the clutter of disposable coffee cups and straws decrease! I have this set of reusable cups*. They’re $5 for a set of 3 and hold up well, even if you float a shot of Espresso on the top for a Red Eye.

Note: Flavor each individual portion of Cold Brew vs the entire pitcher.

*Affiliate link

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