How To Brew Cold Brew at Home Part 2: Java House Liquid Pods

Image courtesy of Java House Cold Brew

Recently I wrote about how much I enjoyed making Cold Brew at home with my beloved pitcher from Amazon, and I briefly referenced cold brew concentrates…I particularly enjoy the Java House Liquid Pods for that. I found out about them in Fall 2018 and have been hooked ever since. They’re a bit pricey (about $1/cup) but they’re VERY convenient and quick if you can’t/don’t want to brew from grinds. You can buy them from Amazon or Target, but the selection from Amazon is better (currently the price on Amazon is about $2/cup, so I might suggest sacrificing a specialty flavor for the time being). I use them with my same pitcher, or pop them right into my Keurig for a fresh cup of hot coffee on a very rare occasion. Each pod is designed for an individual serving. Use 1 pod for every cup (8 oz) of water. I even made a little Tiktok Tutorial for your viewing pleasure, linked here. Let me know if you will try or have tried one, and what your favorite flavor is.

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