Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Stocking Stuffers for Foodies

A list of items that are both decently small in size as well as price

Collapsible Measuring Cups and/or Spoons-Bulky measuring cups can take up so much space in an already small drawer or knife roll, consider replacing hard plastic sets with collapsible, silicone ones instead. They take up so much less space and travel easily, making them if the individual you’re gifting them to is either low on space or travels to and from work with their knife kit/roll. This particular set is colorful and can be purchased either alone, or in a kit with collapsible spoons.

Silicone Straws-I am in full support of drastically reducing the use of disposable plastic straws, and these are an amazing alternative to paper straws that get soggy in 30 seconds, and won’t harm your teeth, if you have that concern about a metal straw. They come in many colors, counts, and sizes, perfect for anything from iced coffee to Boba tea, a milkshake, etc…

14oz Rambler Mug-I featured this in my 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Foodies post earlier in the year. In fact, I’d recommend it for any occasion. Yes, it’s expensive for a reusable mug, but it’s well worth it. It keep hot drinks hot for way longer than any other travel mug that I own (rivaled only by the Zak! version at Target) and is quite durable. As a bonus, it comes in many colors to match any aesthetic.

Silicone Spatula SetThis 3 piece kit consists of one essential piece, and two “Holly Housewife” type items that, while not 100% essential, can make cooking and baking at home or work more convenient. A traditional Rubber Spatula is a MUST HAVE, no questions asked; the Spoonula and the Jar Spatula are less necessary, but can be very helpful if you have a few extra bucks.

Y Peeler-Yet another feature in my Valentines Day Gift Guide, this is THE BEST peeler in the game. It glides smoothly over carrots, apples, or whatever and fits nicely in the hand. It can be purchased individually or in multipacks.

Bench Scraper-This is an essential piece in any home baker or pro’s kit. Nothing cuts through butter quite like it. Save yourself (and your fingers) the trouble.

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