High-End Beauty Items I Don’t Buy Anymore

I love beauty items and tools in various price points. However, I know that just because something has a hefty price tag, doesn’t mean that it’s the best or irreplaceable. As an individual that’s had to be mindful of their spending over the last several years (Thanks, Sallie Mae & Navient), I’ve had to make certain adjustments in my life and do without certain things. Having said that, here’s a list of three high-end beauty items that I don’t often purchase anymore.

1. Cleansers-As much as I adore the Fresh Beauty Soy Cleanser (it’s my favorite high-end cleanser), I can’t justify spending so much money on an item that just gets washed down the drain. I have combination skin, and I absolutely LOVE the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. They’re both somewhat similar in their consistency and both remove my makeup with ease, while leaving my face feeling clean, yet hydrated. However, in full transparency, I bought a Fresh Cleanser for the first time in years during a recent Ulta 21 Days of Beauty. It was 50% off and I decided to treat myself. However, while only $19 during the sale, it’s still only 5oz of product while the CeraVe cleanser is 16oz for $16.99, and the CeraVe brand as a whole can be found on sale B1G1 50% during various Ulta promotions.

2. Mascaras-I used to have a strong preference for high-end mascaras, I think I was conditioned to believe that they worked better. I often purchased Tarte’s Light, Camera, Lashes. However, that’s not the case anymore. There are plenty of wonderful mascaras in whatever formula your heart desires at the $10, or even $5 price point! These days I am often purchasing L’Oréal’s Lash Paradise or any of the Essence mascaras. I particularly love the Lash Princess Curl & Volume, and the Lash Princess False Lash Effect is an amazing mascara for day to day wear. People often say you shouldn’t keep mascaras longer than 90 days (Admittedly, I sometimes hold on to a tube slightly longer), so I don’t feel as bad trashing them so quickly. However, I still love the Lights, Camera, Lashes as well as the Perfect Strokes Volumizing Mascara by Rare Beauty. I recently had the pleasure of trying the Selena’s Faves 4 piece Mini Set, and I loved EVERYTHING in it. I’m strongly considering purchasing a Mini of the mascara. It’ll last me the same time as a full size would, and again, I’d feel less terrible about tossing it after only a short while.

3. Beauty Sponges-Like many, I much prefer a liquid foundation, and I found that it works best for me when applied with a beauty sponge. It blends seamlessly, without any patchiness or awkward brush strokes. Most beauty lovers are familiar with the Beautyblender and its iconic teardrop shape, as well as multiple color offerings, both permanent and limited edition. It blends foundation with the larger, round end in a snap, and can get into smaller nooks and crannies of the face with the pointed side. Each sponge also comes with a $20 price tag. The Wonder Blender from Shop Miss A costs $1.55, and I actually prefer it slightly more to the Beautyblender. It’s slightly more dense and less porous, so I find that absorbs a bit less product. I also find it to be slightly more durable, less sustainable to tears/rips due to washing or indents from fingernails. Again, in full transparency, Nordstrom had an incredible markdown last week on a kit that was likely left over from the holiday season. For $10, I scored the traditional pink blender, a 3oz cleansing liquid, and a cleaning mat!

What are some high-end items that you don’t buy anymore? Or, perhaps, which pricier items do you find to be worth it? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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