Designer Inspired Dupes at Walmart: Louis Vuitton Edition

If you’re reading this blog post, I’m sure you’re at least somewhat familiar with the recent price increases from Louis Vuitton. While increases are inevitable (as much as we hate them, they are a part of the business cycle), 2021 brought about 2 increases from the brand, both of which were rather significant; the beloved Pochette Accessoires now retails for a mind-blowing $1,050 (this bag isn’t worth more than $600 at the absolute most, in my opinion)?! As one might imagine, this latest blow has encouraged some luxury lovers to look for dupes. Let me first begin by clarifying the term “dupe.” In this case, a dupe is a fashion item that is meant to look similar (sometimes even very similar) to the piece that it draws inspiration from, while still maintaining its own identity. It does not and should not contain any logos referencing another brand. Those are called Fake, Counterfeit, Knock-off, etc…Websites like DHGate or AliExpress sell counterfeit bags, not dupes. Now that we’ve covered that, lets get to the dupes! I own all of these dupes and purchased them with my own money from Walmart.

The first dupe, and my favorite of the bunch, is one for the LV Speedy Bandoulière in the Damier Ebene color/pattern. I have been in love with this shape since I was a teenager. The size 30 is perfect for me; not too big, not too small. You can carry it by the handles or use the Crossbody strap, which I’ve been preferring as of late. The dupe is by the brand Richports and is also a perfect match for the next dupe listed below. The look of the bag is similar to a Speedy Bandoulière, and even comes with a little lock & key. However, there are some differences in the quality, as is to be expected. The handles don’t feel the absolute best. They feel like cheap pleather and don’t feel like they’re sewed on super well. Additionally, my zipper feels a bit stiff and difficult to maneuver. Also, the dupe doesn’t have the little tab on the side where one might hang their lock, nor does it have a leather tab on the zipper. However, the bag is constructed decently of a thick and sturdy-ish painted canvas material, so I find it to be worth the $46.99 price tag.

The next item up for dupe-scussion is the Victorine wallet, and its dupe from the brand Daisy Rose. Both wallets offer a compact, trifold style with a snap closure, spaces for 6 credit cards, and a zippered slot for coins. The coin slot is on the inside of the LV Victorine, but on the outside of the dupe (which I prefer). The interior of the Victorine can be customized, while the interior of the dupe matches the exterior of the wallet. The Daisy Rose version is pretty well constructed and is priced at $17.78 and matches seamlessly with the Speedy alternative, so…I’m ok with that!

The last, but certainly not least, dupe is for the LV Key Pouch, also from Daisy Rose. I have it in the color/pattern that resembles the LV Damier Azur (currently only available on the Daisy Rose site), but it’s also available in Damier Graphite & Ebene-esque colors. The Daisy Rose version is slightly larger than the Louis Vuitton, but equally as stylish, and a fraction of the price, at only $18.98. This can also be used as a cardholder or compact wallet in addition to its intended purpose as a key pouch.

Honorable Mention: Daisy Rose gained a huge following on social media within the last 3 years or so due to their popular dupe of the LV Neverfull. I don’t own either bag, as the tote isn’t my absolute favorite style, but I know a lot of bloggers have & love this bag, including Davida, aka Vida Fashionista, another Philly gal, which is from whom I originally heard about Daisy Rose. Thanks, girl! The dupe of Damier Ebene color/pattern comes with the red interior, similar to the Neverfull.

There are many other dupes by multiple brands out there, these are just a few of my favorites. Feel free to comment below with some of your favorite dupes for Louis Vuitton, or any other designer brand. I’d be curious to know your favorites also!

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